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Iowa Ethanol Producers Scale Back Production

Is the Iowa renewable energy boom about to burst? According to the Gazett, ethanol producers have scaled back production in recent months, and wind energy machinery manufactures have been forced to lay off hundreds of workers across the state as production stalled. Over the last decade, ethanol production in Iowa has boomed.

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Energy Independence

The only thing standing in the way of increased production is the anti-drilling and fracking activists. Environmental concerns regarding fracking has caused the government to investigate and place heavy regulations on the fracking process. The investigations of regulations have caused production to slow down. While alternative energy source, natural gas, is still a fossil fuel, it produces half of the carbon emissions that traditional fossil fuels.

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North Dakota Oil Rigs Drop Drastically

Due to the controversy and speculations, the EPA has investigated a number of event involving fracking including, water contamination and seismic activity studies. These uncertainties regarding fracking has certainly affected a number of wells in North Dakota, said Helms.

On one hand, the current administration empowers the Clean Air Act and encourage natural gas production, energy from shale. On the other hand, the Obama Administration could potentially regulate fracking, which would increase cost. State governments are currently responsible for fracking regulations.

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Marcellus Shale Production to be Most Productive

Marcellus Shale Production is about to become the most productive natural gas field in the United State. Energy for shale is natural gas used to fuel local industry. Marcellus Shale sits under parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and Ohio.

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A new fracking economy

All signs are pointing in favor of a new fracking economy. Hydraulic fracturing (commonly referred to as fracking), has been used since the 1940s as a method of extracting oil and gas. Today, an abundance of natural gas and new technologies, means opportunities for economic growth. New hydraulic fracturing technologies are being developed everyday to increase fracking efficiency.

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Economic Benefit of Fracking for Natural Gas

Natural gas cost less than alternative fuel sources. For example, while the price of gasoline has risen rapidly over the last year, the price of natural gas has fallen to the lowest level in a decade. The reason why natural gas prices are low has to do with increase production of hydraulic fracturing. Efforts are being made to use more natural gas.

Vehicles: For example, most fleet vehicles (buses) already use natural gas. The market is limited to vehicles that can make it back to headquarter for refilling. Crystler announced a pickup truck that will run on both gasoline and natural gas.

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Availibility of API

Hunting’s network of threading facilities in major areas ensures availability of API and proprietary threading services. Services provided include all necessary processes for new threading and repair of full-length tubulars and accessories.

Hunting’s network of facilities in major areas ensures availability of the following services related to OCTG tubulars and accessories.

Hunting’s engineers offer technical back-up beginning with the review of string designs through recommendations of connections for unique applications. Our technical services group can support you with mill audits, monitoring of all types of inspections and supervising the make-up of connections as your tubulars are run downhole.

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Effective Oil and Gas Companies

Today’s oil and gas industry is searching for ways to be more efficient, more cost effective. While much progress has been made, two problems important to your bottom line still persist – the overall cost and the all-too-often delays associated with casing, tubing and other downhole components.

Hunting has a sensible solution that answers both problems. The Pathway Program is a comprehensive service with single point of contact responsibility for complete tubular systems, from planning and procurement through remnant management and final disposal, with true value added throughout the entire process.

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Independent OCTG

Being an independent OCTG supplier, HUNTING is able to select the most appropriate sources available to satisfy your requirements and ensure fast on time deliveries.

Through our relationships with pipe manufacturers worldwide, Hunting adds flexibility to the supply chain creating competition, best price scenarios, and protection against disruption of supply from a single source. By maintaining these options, we can match variables such as delivery times, product, location, and currency to the specific needs of our customer.

Hunting offers its own proprietary connections and compounds for all OCTG solutions.

Hunting manufactures these products that play a vital role in the life cycle of oil and gas wells. Whether a basic drift run or a high pressure fishing operation, we can provide the tools you need. For more information on tools not listed please contact account.manager@huntingoilfield.com

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Hydraulic Fracking Efficiency

To achieve fracking efficiency, strategic planning takes place to ensure growth.   Today, new technology emerges to create efficiency in waste management, inventory management, and secured safety regulation. According to the Economy Liquid Inventory Management System (ELIMS) and parent company Economy Polymers and Chemicals, advanced technology has created a storage system that will monitor fluid volumes […]

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