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Economic Benefit of Fracking for Natural Gas

Natural gas cost less than alternative fuel sources. For example, while the price of gasoline has risen rapidly over the last year, the price of natural gas has fallen to the lowest level in a decade. The reason why natural gas prices are low has to do with increase production of hydraulic fracturing. Efforts are being made to use more natural gas.

Vehicles: For example, most fleet vehicles (buses) already use natural gas. The market is limited to vehicles that can make it back to headquarter for refilling. Crystler announced a pickup truck that will run on both gasoline and natural gas.

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Availibility of API

Hunting’s network of threading facilities in major areas ensures availability of API and proprietary threading services. Services provided include all necessary processes for new threading and repair of full-length tubulars and accessories.

Hunting’s network of facilities in major areas ensures availability of the following services related to OCTG tubulars and accessories.

Hunting’s engineers offer technical back-up beginning with the review of string designs through recommendations of connections for unique applications. Our technical services group can support you with mill audits, monitoring of all types of inspections and supervising the make-up of connections as your tubulars are run downhole.

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Independent OCTG

Being an independent OCTG supplier, HUNTING is able to select the most appropriate sources available to satisfy your requirements and ensure fast on time deliveries.

Through our relationships with pipe manufacturers worldwide, Hunting adds flexibility to the supply chain creating competition, best price scenarios, and protection against disruption of supply from a single source. By maintaining these options, we can match variables such as delivery times, product, location, and currency to the specific needs of our customer.

Hunting offers its own proprietary connections and compounds for all OCTG solutions.

Hunting manufactures these products that play a vital role in the life cycle of oil and gas wells. Whether a basic drift run or a high pressure fishing operation, we can provide the tools you need. For more information on tools not listed please contact

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