Hydraulic Fracking Efficiency

To achieve fracking efficiency, strategic planning takes place to ensure growth.   Today, new technology emerges to create efficiency in waste management, inventory management, and secured safety regulation. According to the Economy Liquid Inventory Management System (ELIMS) and parent company Economy Polymers and Chemicals, advanced technology has created a storage system that will monitor fluid volumes in gallons with .05% accuracy and will cut service providers’ inventory to zero. The inventory monitor will be located online saving customer’s time and money. ELIMS is powered under Texas Design Studio and ELIMS’s product is being utilized in South Texas, East Texas, and with plans to begin work in West Texas in 2012, but is not limited and plans to grow in major shale states.

Overall the technology is said to decrease personal risk. Planning for hydraulic fracking starts long before the fracturing actually happens. First, detailed simulations are run for the purpose of optimizing the fracturing process.  Then the operating plan is made. Before the fracking process can begin, the mining authority makes the final approval in the planning process.

Ensuring employee safety is major component in the planning process. Below is a list of the safety precautions put in place before fracking begins:

  • Safety clothing: jacket, pants, helmet, gloves, shoes, safety goggles, etc.
  • Channel blocks, rainwater retention basins (to prevent accidental leakage of fluids)
  • Pressure tests (with a safety margin above operating pressure)
  • Relief valves
  • Monitoring pressure annuli (real-time monitoring)
  • Pre-heating of fracturing fluid (to reduce tension in well string and borehole)



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