ISOA Summit Attendees

ISOA is also called International Stability Operations Association. This is a worldwide organization that focuses on long-term stability and growth in some of the most unstable places in the world. The company has a good vision that is based around morality. The organization wants to support and provide services to fragile environments in a transparent and ethical way. ISOA partners with different businesses and government entities to help provide foreign aid. A few of their partners are Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, American Chamber of Commerce Dubai, and Department of Veteran Services VA. ISOA holds a summit every year and at this summit the focus is to build alliances and figure out strategies that can better the global reconstruction effort of countries in need. The summit for 2018 was very positive and a few of the speakers at this event were David J. Trachtenberg, Nicole Nason, Denise Natali, and Michael T. Evansoff just to name a few.

Sallyport Global ( attended ISOA 2017 Summit. Sallyport is one of the biggest integrated security support services companies worldwide. The goal of the company is to provide safety or to minimize risk to individuals or clients in complex environments. The company even prides itself on exceeding its mission expectations. In 2003 during the post-war reconstruction efforts in the Middle East the company Sallyport Global was formed. The company has expanded tremendously since then into areas like safety and security for clients worldwide. The company has expertise in multiple different areas such as logistics support, base operations, and security and risk management. This partnership will provide Internal Stability Operations Association with support from many different areas from operations to security. Safety and security is key and is needed to accomplish goals in some of these underdeveloped countries. When ISOA has to put boots on the ground in these different countries they can get more done not having to worry about their personal safety.


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