The Future of Fracking

What is fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is the process of extracting natural grass from shale rock layers deep within the earth. Fracking methods are used to efficiently produce natural gas in shale plays that were once unreachable with conventional technologies. Fracking in has streamed the media as controversial as environmentalist fear that fracking is not staff. However, multiple studies have been conducted to indicate that fracking is safe.

What is shale?

“The development of shale gas plays has become a “game changer” for the U.S. natural gas market.”- U.S. Energy Information Administration

The United States has an abundant supply of “clean-burning, domestic, reliable” natural gas. The abundance of natural gas promises more affordable energy and more stable prices. Natural gas plays a huge advantage in the United States in respect to manufacturing jobs, to farmers, to household heating and cooking, to businesses for electricity and fuel for transportation needs, and to society to help address climate change concerns because of its low carbon-content.

“The use of horizontal drilling in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing has greatly expanded the ability of producers to profitably recover natural gas and oil from low-permeability geologic plays—particularly, shale plays” – U.S. Energy Information Administration

What is the future of fracking?

In the recent elections Obama turned the opening of renewable energy plants into high-profile events and purposefully did not join the anti-fracking movement emanating from the left, according to Bloomberg’s Jim Snyder.

In the Ohio, a fracking state, jobs are finally coming back to a region.

“You’re seeing more optimism than we’ve seen here in a long, long time,” said Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat who represents the Youngstown area.

“Right now there is a tidal wave of support behind the natural gas industry.” As many as 40 percent of Local 396 of Ohio’s pipe-fitters’ union members were out of work in the depths of the recession three years ago. Roland “Butch” Taylor, business manager of the union, said factory expansions and new construction now have all 700 of its members working.

The future of fracking looks promising.



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